Shawn Raboutou

Shawn on his first 8c | Welcome to Tijuana | Rodellar, Spain | Summer 2011

Shawn Raboutou

Born: April 1998

First Climbed: Age 2

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 5 

Joined Competition Team ABC: Since the beginning, 2005

Height (as of December 2011): 4’9″

Ape Index (as of December 2011): +2

Favorite Outdoor Area: Super Manjocarn at St. Antonin, France

Proudest Ascents: Welcome to Tijuana 8c (14b) Summer 2011

Shawn sending The Butterpumper (V11) in Hueco Tanks Winter 2011 | photo Jaime Cantarovici

Best Comp Results:

1st in Lead, Arco, Italy, 2010

Other Sports: Snowboarding

Favorite Subject in School: Study Hall

Future Goals: Do some of the hardest climbs in the world


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La Sportiva Futura


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