Team ABC Boulder – ROCK STARS

The purpose of ABC’s Rockstar program is to expand upon the base which was established in Hot Shots by introducing climbing specific skills and beginning athlete development. Rockstar athletes work on the basic skills of climbing and work toward All Star or Pre-Elite level Teams. Injury prevention, stretching, and conditioning are included as part of the ABC Rock Star method.

The Rock Star Team is loosely separated into 3 groups assessed by all Rock Star coaches:

 I: relatively new or young enthusiastic climbers who wish to push themselves mentally and physically while building a foundation of climbing intuition and movement.

 II: athletes with a solid understanding of climbing technique and strategy that wish to expand skill and strength

III: young athletes with a desire for competition climbing and training. Focus on skill development and age appropriate strength training (body weight training only). Comp Team option is available with coach approval.

The Team ABC Boulder Rock Stars continue to strengthen the foundation established in Hot Shots while also welcoming select athletes from the ABC Kids Climbing Recreational Program. Rock Stars illustrate a deep love for climbing and a continued desire to improve all while having a good time. Team ABC Boulder coaches continue to foster athletes just starting to experiment with climbing, and at the same time, we continue to develop the Rock Star focused on Competitive Climbing.

This developmental team trains movement and conditioning in our facility throughout the year and also climbs outdoors seasonally. Athletes are offered a wide range of schedule options and commitment levels. These young rockers progress toward Team ABC Boulder All Stars or Pre-Elite.

If interested, it is suggested that Team ABC Rock Star athletes commit to the 2016 / 2017 USA Climbing Competition Season.

Ages: 7 – 12

Focus: Developmental | Competitive | Outdoor

Training Schedule:

4 hours: 2 days/week, 2 hour sessions, 4-6pm (M/W)

6 hours: 3 days/week, 2 hour sessions, 4-6pm (M/W/TH)


Ryan Arment

John Brosler

Matt King

Riley Varner

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