Brooke Raboutou, age 10, sends her first 14a and becomes the youngest female ever to send the grade!

Brooke sending God's Own Stone

On Thursday, March 29th, 2012, Brooke Raboutou sent God’s Own Stone, 5.14a, at The Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Brooke is visiting the Red over Spring Break with her family and other team members and coaches of Team ABC Boulder. This is her first 5.14.

Brooke right after the send!

Brooke’s ascent is extremely impressive and places her in the record books as the youngest American and youngest woman in the world to send 14a. She was also nearly the youngest person in the world to send the grade, but she will now share that honor with her friend Tito Traversa of Italy, also age 10, who sent his longstanding 14a project on the exact same day as Brooke’s ascent.

Brooke on the send.

According to Coach Robyn, Brooke’s ascent took 5 tries. On her first day, Wednesday, it was quite hot and Brooke went up the route to figure out all the moves and then gave two redpoint burns. On Thursday she tried the route cold, fell, came down, rested, and then sent next go.

Brooke has previously sent 13d, with Swingline at The Red during last year’s spring break, as well as 13c and a few 13b’s.

To see Brooke’s personal profile, click here –> Brooke Raboutou « Team ABC Boulder

Congratulations Brooke!!!

9 thoughts on “Brooke Raboutou, age 10, sends her first 14a and becomes the youngest female ever to send the grade!

  1. This is super impressive, no doubt, and it’s way tougher than anything I’ve sent so huge congrats to her… but where is her helmet?!

  2. Impressive! There are a generation of kids right now that are just blowing away any preconceived notions of how hard children can climb. You don’t have to have a tall sinewy body with outrageous muscle definition to be a great climber. These lightweight pencil-armed children with impeccable technique and incredible drive are showing us how it’s done.
    I have to agree with “E” above. Where is her helmet? As long as my kids are climbing with me and are too young to drink or vote, they have to wear their helmets.

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