ABS 14 Nationals – Semifinals Results + Finals Running Order

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Great job to all who competed in Semifinals today!

The semifinals round was 3 problems per category. The problems were apparently quite hard as most categories had very few sends from any climbers.

Here are the semis results from Team ABC athletes. The link at the bottom of each is to the full qualis and semis results for that category. Sends are noted.

Male Junior

1. Michael O’Rourke (3 tops, 2 flash)

7. Matt Lubar (2 tops, 1 flash)



Female A

2. Megan Mascarenas (2 tops, 1 flash)

7. Laurel Todd (1 top)



Male A

15. Austin Lankford (does not advance)



Female B

2. Margo Hayes (2 tops, 1 flash)

10. Isabelle Goodacre



Male B

1. Shawn Raboutou (flashed all 3 semis problems)



Female C

2. Brooke Raboutou (flashed all 3 problems! So tied with Ashima for 1st in Semifinals, but was 2 in qualifiers so in 2nd overall at the moment)

3. Stella Noble (flashed 2, did the 3rd 2nd try)

6. Ariana O’Brien (topped 2, flashed 1)



Male C

3. Joe Goodacre (did 2 problems, 1 flash)

14. Ray McVicker (does not advance)



Female D

1. Phoebe Dolan (the only person to flash a semis problem in this category)

2. Mia Manson (one of only 4 climbers to send a semis problem in this category)

15. Campbell Sarinopoulos (does not advance)



Male D

3. Colin Duffy (flashed 1 problem)

6. Liam O’Brien (flashed 1 problem)



Finals Running Orders

And approximate climbing times.

Male/Female Junior – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MJR-FJR%20F%20Start%20List.pdf

Male/Female A – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MYA-FYA%20F%20Start%20List.pdf

Male B/Female D – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MYB-FYD%20F%20Start%20List.pdf

Male/Female C – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MYC-FYC%20F%20Start%20List.pdf

Male D/ Female B – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MYD-FYB%20F%20Start%20List.pdf


For more info check – ABS Nationals Homepage

Come to Colorado Springs tomorrow to support Team ABC in Finals!

Good Luck Team!!!

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